Deborah Sturdy, RN, MSc (UK)

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Deborah has a long career working with older people. She has worked across hospital, community and long term services as a clinician and manager. She was a research nurse at the Centre for Health Services Management at the University of Kent Canterbury and participated in an international collaborative researching standardised assessment systems for older people in long term care.

She was the Government Nurse for Older People in England, a post she held for 10 years until 2011, advising the government on nursing issues and making a major contribution to health policy. National policies she has advised on include the first National Service Framework for Older People and the National Dementia Strategy. Deborah has been a strong nursing leader in the field of older people nursing.

Deborah has been an advocate care of older people throughout her career and the contribution nursing makes. She has published numerous papers and in 2011 was awarded the British Geriatric Society Presidents Medal for her outstanding contribution. She is the second nurse to be awarded this honour by her medical peers.

Deborah is currently working with a new organisation which is ambitious in creating a different care for people with dementia and as an independent advisor to a number of services. She is a Trustee of a number of national charities including the International Longevity Centre –UK, a policy think tank which is also a member of a global alliance of like minded activists in thinking through the demographic challenges faced by governments and society .