Prof. Dr. John Morley, MD, BCh (USA)

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John E. Morley, MB, BCh, is the Dammert Professor of Gerontology and Director of the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Director of the Division of Endocrinology at Saint Louis University Medical Center. He also serves as Medical Director for two nursing homes.

Dr Morley earned a medical degree at the University of Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, South Africa. After an internal medicine residency in Johannesburg, he completed a fellowship in endocrinology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

He has edited more than 20 books, including Medical Care in the Nursing Home, Geriatric Nutrition, Endocrinology of Aging, and Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine(Fifth edition to be published in may 2012) His most recent book, published in 2008, is The Science of Staying Young, which provides information for the general public. He has published more than 1000 papers, with major research emphases on the role of neuropeptides in the modulation of hormonal responses and behavior and on nutrition and hormones in the elderly. His papers have been cited over 40,000 times and his h-index is 99. He edits the geriatrics section of Cyberounds and serves as Editor of Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. He has been an invited speaker at numerous national and international meetings. He is on the board of the American Medical Directors Association Foundation. He is founder and faculty advisor for the St Louis University Medical student free clinic. He writes a regular newspaper column for the St Louis Post Dispatch on Aging Successfully.

For his work in appetite regulation, Dr Morley received the Mead Johnson Award of the American Institution of Nutrition in 1985. He was named Medical Director of the Year for Life Care Centers of America in 1998. In 1999, he was awarded the IPSEN Foundation Longevity Prize, among the most prestigious European awards for research in gerontology. In 2001, he received the Gayle and Richard Olson Prize for Most Outstanding Behavioral Paper Published the Previous Year in the Journal Peptides and the American Dietetic Association’s Circle Award. He was chosen to receive the American Geriatrics Society’s Nascher/Manning Award in 2002 for life-long achievement in clinical geriatrics. In 2004, he was awarded the Joseph T. Freeman Award by the Gerontological Society of America for his work in geriatrics research and practice. He was honored in 2005 with the Marsha Goodwin-Beck Interdisciplinary Award for Excellence in Geriatric Leadership by the Department of Veterans Affairs National Leadership Board. In 2011 he was award the James Pattee Award for Educational Excellence from the American Medical Director’s Association.