Prof. Dr. Raymond TCM Koopmans (NL)

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Elderly Care Physician (formerly named nursing home physician) since 1985

He is employed by a care-organisation (de Waalboog) in Nijmegen as a physician and works at the Radboud University Nijmegen, Medical Centre as a professor of Elderly Care Medicine, especially long-term care.

The focus of his research program is on dementia with special emphasis on neuropsychiatric symptoms, psychotropic drug use and palliative care in patients with late and young onset dementia residing in care-homes or living in the community. Furthermore, he is involved in research on geriatric rehabilitation, palliative care, Parkinson’s disease, primary care for frail elderly and research in patients in a vegetative state.

He is involved in 20 PhD-projects. Raymond Koopmans is member of the IPA board of directors, chair of the IPA taskforce on Young Onset Dementia and member of the IOPA taskforce on mental health issues in care-homes.

In 2003 he established an University Network of care-homes (UKON:, site Dutch), which is a collaboration with the university and twelve large care-organisations in the south-east of the Netherlands.