Richárdné Mayer (HU)

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since 11/2008 Split-System Inc. Home care – physiotherapy­;Traumatology – orthopaedic – rheumatological physiotherapy
since 09/2008 Pro-Vitam Inc. Elderly Care – Boldog Gizella Otthon (Elderly Home), Biatorbágy;Ne­urological physiotherapy (SM, ALS, Parkinson syndrome, stroke, arteriosclerosis univ.)
2007–2008 Hospital – Budai Irgalmasrendi Kórház Fitness gymnastics for women- incontinence training
08/2007–05/2008 Hospital -Szent János Kórház; Rehabilitation, orthopaedic patient care
06/2006 Hospital -OORI;Patient care with head injury

Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Physiotherapist specialist
2011 Lympheodema drainage, McKenzi A, B, C course
2009 Kinesiology Taping Basic Course
The Taiji health promotion course
Complex rehabilitation of stroke patients
Tasks of a physiotherapist in order to save motility of elderly
Elderly Rehabilitation
2007 Urofittness instructor
1997–2000 Alternative physio- and massage therapist No.: 1999/50, AMM 59/2000

2011 Hungarian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics Congress, Lecture: The physiotherapist’s work in elderly home
2011 Hungarian Society of Physiotherapists Professional Geriatric Day, Lecture: The physiotherapist’s work in elderly home
2010 Gizella Otthon (Elderly Home) – professional development courses, Lecture: The role of individual and group activities for saving motility by intellectual decline