Ass. Prof. Agnes Egervári, MD, PhD

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Positions: 04/2001-present Director; Management of the institution; Boldog Gizella Foundation, Boldog Gizella u. 1. 2051 Biatorbágy; an integrated private social institution for 100 people including permanent and temporary care of elderly people, in special for people with dementia 1996–2007 Associate Professor; neuropathologist; reserach and education, frequently particiation in the education of specialists; National Institution for Psychiatry and Neurology 1981–1996 Assistant doctor – doctor – associate professor; Department for Neurology; Regional Hospital Petz Aladár, Győr, Hungary

Memberships: Hungarian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (MGGT) Hungarian Associaton of Neurology Association of Hungarian Medical Society – MOTESZ Hungarian Association of Neuropatology (Member of the Board) Hungarian Society of directors and Professionals of Social Institutions Association of Hungarian Social Institutions (Member of the Board) Social Cluster Association (President of the Board)

Publications and seminars held: numerous articels in international and hungarian periodicals in the field of neurology and neuropathology (one of them about the diagnosis of macrovasculars via ultrasonosgraphy won the Markusovszky reward in 1996) Presentations and abstracts in the field of neurology and neuropathology on international and national conferences The gerontological aspect of neurological diseases (presentation held on a training 2003) The importance of gerontoloical and social health check: the establishment of homogene care levels (HCG) (presentation and paper 2005) Social care system in Austria (paper, 2006) Social care with gerontological aspect (presentation on the congress of MGGT, 2006) HCG: the possible measuring method for personal care needs in he social care system (2007) Establishment and management of the projects HCG I. and II. on national level: 2007–2009 The actual situation of personal care in social and medical institutions (HCG II. project, Nyíregyháza, 2009) The measurement of personal care needs of patients suffering dementia (Alzheimer conference Szeged, 2009) Ways to standardize personal care of elderly people in insitutional framework (presentation on the congress of MGGT, 2009) Indicators of medication in social and medical institutions for elderly people (presentation on the congress of MGGT, 2009) Professional management of the HCG III. project at national level: 2010–2011 Professional management of the team for elderly homes at national level (TÁMOP 5.4.1,standar­disation): 2010–2011

Education: 2008–2009 Studies of social care, Social care of elderly people, János Wesley College,Budapest 2003 Specialist of Neuropathology, Semmelweis University, Budapest 1986 Specialist of Neurology, University for Medical Specialization 1976–1982 Doctor of general medicine (summa cum laude), Semmelweis University, Budapest