Nina Baláčková (CZ)

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Graduated from the Central School of Economics and then worked most of her life as an accountant.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's de­mentia. Two years after I decided to fight for greater public awareness about this disease. So I started to talk publicly about the dementia and life with that. I started to give interviews to magazine and organized discussions. Czech Alzheimer Society was nominated to Alzheimer Europe Conference in Warsaw, where I met other people with dementia who have had experience in this area. With the help of Alzheimer Europe we have established a European working group of people with demencí.In 2011 I accepted the offer to become a member of the Group EuropeanWorking People with Dementia. She attends conferences regularly and Alzheimer Europe and our workshops.

She was invited to Bulgaria Alzheimer's con­ference last year, where she also had a discussion.