Sigurd Sparr (NO)

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Education: 1966 University of Oslo 1977 Specialist of internal medicine 1978 Specialist in cardiology 1987 Specialist in geriatrics

Positions: 1969 Junior resident University hospital of Bergen 1970–1971 lung dpt., Junior resident University hospital of Trondheim 1971–1974 Junior resident Trondheim medical department 1976–1977 Junior resident medical department Aker hospital, Oslo 1978–1986 Head of medical department Kirkenes hospital 1986–1987 Senior resident geriatric section, medical department University hospital of Tromsoe
1987–2000 Head of geriatric section, Tromsoe 03/2000–01/2012 Head of geriatric department,Tromsoe

University positions: 1974–1977 lecturer of internal medicine, Amanuensis University of Trondheim 1986-present geriatrics,Teacher University of Tromsoe

Administrative positions: Head of medical department Kirkenes hospital for 9 years Medical director Kirkenes hospital for 5 years 1988-present Head of geriatric section and department, University Hospital of Tromsoe (UNN)
01/2007–01/2009 Head of internal medicine in Narvik Hospital

Special courses: Several courses in different medical topics, at least 2 weeks a year Eccocardiografic course St. Georges Hospital in London, 6 weeks 4 administrative courses given by the Norwegian medical association 1991–1993 Higher education of medical leadership and administration (Med-Led) Fellow of the council of geriatric cardiology

Published papers on: ECG-changes during bronchoscopy Sic sinus syndrome and embolism Haemodynamics and high blood viscosity in chronic pulmonary disease. Cold and heart disease in the elderly. Heart disease in the elderly Medical ethics in the old Ethical controversies in pharmacological treatment in the elderly

Other activities: Head of the norwegian Alzheimer association. Member of the board of Alzheimer Europe (Honorary Secretary)
Leader of ”Council for clinical ethics” University hospital in Tromsoe