Olafur Helgi Samuelsson, MD (IS)

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Education and Licence
MD graduation fromUniversity of Iceland Medicine department1992.
Specialist training in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital/Östra, Gothenburg, Sweden. Specialist licence in Internal medicine and Geriatrics 2000.

Geriatric consultant in Landspitali University Hospital Reykjavik Iceland and for various nursing homes since 2000. Consultant at the geriatric department of palliative care 2004 – 2010. Active in post acute care of elderly fracture patients and general geriatric rehabilitation.

Editorial board of Öldrun (the periodical of the Icelandic Gerontological society 2003 – 2005). Treasurer for the Icelandic Geriatricians Society 2004 – 2007
Chair of the Gerontological Research Center educational commity 2005 – 2007
Member of the Icelandic Medical Association Educational board since 2006– , organizing board of the Annual Conference of the Icelandic Medicine Society.
Board of medical faculty Landspitali University Hospital since 2013
Full board member of the EUGMS as a Representative of the Icelandic Geriatricians Society 2011 – today

Publications and research:

1) Study of medications use of elderly admitted to acute care hospital:Samúelsson Ó, Björnsson S, Jóhannesson B , Jónsson P. Icelandic Medical Journal jan 2000.
2) Changes in drug treatment in the elderly between 1971 and 2000; Lernfelt B, Samuelsson O, Skoog I, Landahl S. Eur. J Clin Pharmacology august 2003.
3) Researcher at the Nord MDS AC study 2001–2002.
4) Comparison of MDS-AC registration and conventional medical records in Iceland and other Nordic countries. A part of a Nordic study; Samúelsson Ó, Bjartmarz S, Jensdóttir AB, Jónsson P. Icel. Med Journal april 2005.
5) Prevalence of psychotropic drug use among elderly Icelanders living at home: Ólafur Samúelsson,Helga Zoega, Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson, Matthías Halldórsson; Icelandic Med. Journal january 2009.
6) Medication of older people admitted to acute care-Associations with functional capacity and outcomes: Thorolfsdottir RB, Samuelsson O.,Noro A, Finne Soveri H, Jonsson PV. Middle East Journal of Age and Ageing Vol 9, issue 4, july 2012.
7) Participating in various medical- and pharmacology student projects regarding medication of the elderly since 2000.
8) Currently co-investigator at the Icelandic site for the SENATOR project (www.senator-project.eu )