Rasa Ruseckiene, MD, PhD (LT)

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Education: 1993–1999 MD, University of Vilnius, Vilnius 08/1999–06/2000 1st Specialisation, Internal medicine, University of Vilnius, Vilnius
09/2000–06/2003 2nd Specialisation, Psychiatrist, consultant grade (general adult, young adult, old age, addictive disorders specialization), University of Vilnius, Psychiatry clinic, Vilnius (Republic Vilnius Psychiatric hospital, acute psychosis department; Antakalnio Mental Health Centre (out-patient department), Centre of Psycho-social rehabilitation, Mental Health Centre of Vilnius, acute department, old age department, Child and adolescent psychiatric hospital, Addictive disorders centre, Forensic psychiatry hospital)
2000–2005 Management and economy bachelor, teachers qualification, Management and economy, pedagogy, Pedagogical University of Vilnius, Vilnius
2002– 2007 University of Vilnius, Vilnius, Psychiatric clinic, Personal psychodynamic psychotherapy, Psychotherapist, certificate
2006–2007 Medicine university of Kaunas, J. H. Wiersema, Holland, Supportive psychotherapy, certificate
10/2004–10/2004 University of Oxford, Oxford, Prof. Robin Jacoby, Old age psychiatry practical training, certificate
2005–2006 Dr. Ph. Wilkinson, Oxford, CBT training working with elderly patients, certificate
2004–2007 T C. Buttolph, Oxford, Warneford hospital, Team working training, certificate
08/1994–08/1994 Cambridge Lodge English Language School, London,English language, certificate
2005 Medical University of Kaunas Emergency medicine, certificate
2007 University of Vilnius, Clinical psychopharmacology, certificate
2008 University of Vilnius, Psychosomatic diseases, certificate
2009 Prof. E. Keegan, Medical University of Kaunas, CBT therapies for substance abuse, certificate
2009 Medical University of Kaunas , Management of health care, certificate
2012 Salzburg medical university, Psychiatry psychotherapy, certificate
2014–2015 Prof. Thijs de Wolf, Holland, Short term psychotherapy, certificate

Recent clinical work: Recently she is working in several posts. The main one is The Mental Health Centre of Vilnius. It is one of the biggest and the most promoted psychiatric hospital in Vilnius and in the country. There are inpatient (150 beds, men and women) and out patient departments, day centre. They have acute wards for man and woman, old age (mix), crisis intervention, eating disorders, psychotherapy, rehabilitation wards.
For more then ten years she has been a consultant in the old age ward (30 beds, mix), having night and day shifts (in all wards over the hospital), doing home visits. Final years she has started to work as a head of all hospital medicine audit department, she is a supervisor in a problematic and severe cases with the patients, their relatives and the hospital staff, dealing with the community mental health service, lawyers, managers. During these seven years her ward took part in the several international projects where she was a project coordinator.

The most important one is MATRA (international project for developing consecutive chain of mental health services in Vilnius). They collaborate with the mental health specialists from the United Kingdom and Holland and promoted inpatient and outpatient old age services in Vilnius and our hospital. She has written many training programs for the mental health staff (nurses, social workers) in the old age psychiatry and has qualification trainings for them.

She is a supervisor of the ward staff supportive groups, junior doctors, have trainings and lectures for the medical students. She works with the patients as a psychiatrist, prescribing them medications, doing the memory, psychic state assessments, other investigations, also she works as a psychotherapist (CBT, psychodynamic, problem oriented therapy) and has sessions with them. She has experience in working with the acute patients or patients who have eating disorders, crisis intervention situations.

Her second position is in the Day Centre of Mentally Ill Older Age Patients (as a consultant). It was opened in 2006 by her initiative, and it is the first and unique in all Lithuania. She was one of the coauthors of this project. They have thirty patients there, mainly with dementia and twice per week she has consultation for them (evaluating their state, changing the medication if necessary, transmit to the inpatients wards). Once per month she has the patient relatives’ supportive group. Weekly she participates in the team meetings, has trainings for the social workers and for the rest of staff.

The third position is her private practice. He is one of the founders of the Mental health centre of the Old city, which is outpatient private department. She works here as a consultant in psychiatry and psychotherapy (adult, young adult, old age patients) with the patients who speaks English, Russian languages (patients from Belgium, Spain, U.K., Sweden, Poland, Germany) The eight doctors are working in this centre, which have the patients from all Lithuania. She works as a substantive psychiatrist and psychotherapist and has regularly hi=er own personal psychotherapy sessions and supervisions.

Employment: 2003-present Psychiatrist, Mental Health Centre of Vilnius, Psychiatry (30 beds), Psychiatric inpatient old age Dept., Vilnius
2009-present Head of the department, Mental Health Centre of Vilnius, Psychiatry (150 beds), Internal medicine audit department, Vilnius
2006-present Psychiatrist, lecture, Day centre for the older mentally ill patients, Psychiatry (30 patients), Community service, Vilnius
2006-present Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Mental health centre of The Old city, Psychiatric out patient department, Vilnius
2004–2007 Old age psychiatry unit project coordinator, MATRA, GIP, international project for developing a consecutive chain of mental health services in Vilnius, Vilnius, Holland, U.K.
2003–2008 Lecturer, University of Vilnius, Psychiatry clinic, lecturer (psychiatric, psychosomatic and psychotherapy disciplines), Vilnius
2003–2004 Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Pension of mother and child (after physical and psychological violence in the families), Vilnius
2001–2002 Junior doctor psychiatrist, Republic psychiatry hospital of Vilnius, acute psychosis department (adult), Psychiatry (60 beds), Vilnius
2002-present author of medical articles, Medicine journal “Internistas”, Vilnius

Research: old age psychiatry – demented patients and their treatments possibilities reduction in the use of antipsychotic drugs for people with dementia LTC issues in dementia.

Publications: 2001 “Aspects of depression treatment”, Internist Journal 2001 “Welbutrin – new solution in depression treatment”, Internist Journal 2002–2003 “Morita therapy”, I, II. Internist Journal 2002 “Treatment of aggressive and agitated patients”. Internist Journal 2004 “New attitude to gerontopsychiatry in Vasaros clinical hospital”, Internist Journal
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